The Proving of Punica granatum (Pomegranate)


Punica granatum
September 2015

Proving on Punica granatum and materia medica available to buy as a downloadable pdf file.

To purchase Punica granatum as a remedy, please contact your homeopathic pharmacy.

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About the proving

The reason for this homeopathic proving came from Germany, where some colleagues decided to explore different Myrtales remedies. The first one had to be Punica. We decided to do a parallel proving in Germany and in Bulgaria. I started it. We were 8 homeopaths in Bulgaria participating in the proving, among us, unfortunately, only one man, and he joined in later on in the proving (and reported only two dreams). Even though I was the supervisor, I also participated in the proving, and that is why I read the notes of my colleagues only after a month and a half had passed. After more than two years, I started to process the data. I had some inner resistance (due to the remedy) to be involved with that…”

Ekaterina Chamurliyska



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