The Dynamic Materia Medica of Helium


This book is the first of the ‘Noble gas’ series. The companion volume to the proving, ‘Dynamic Materia Medica – Helium’, is my interpretation of the Helium provings, the evolution of pure proving into materia medica. A proving is merely a suggestion for a remedy picture. Much work is needed to interpret the proving, to evolve the simple list of symptoms into a comprehensive picture, potentising our understanding towards the highest levels of perception, by using tools of analogy, biology, physics and esoteric bodies of knowledge. There is no end to this investigation, the only limits being our mind and consciousness.

I invite you to join me on this voyage of discovery from proving to materia medica; to let Helium take you to the mystery of mysteries – your origins.

The Helium book totally rocks it. I read it in two sittings.” – Denise Straiges, USA

This is one of the richest contents of a 220 page homeopathy book which you could buy, so go and buy it.” – Francis Treuherz, Homeopathic Links

The book is for those who wish to better understand the medicines and analogies of the periodic table… For me this is a ‘must have’ book.” – Jennie Tree, ‘Similia’ Australian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine

I started reading the first few pages of the Helium book and just wanted to share what a wonderful bit of work it looks to be. The writing is great, the content is juicy, the ideas are inspirational, the layout is elegant – it makes you want to read on.” – Mani Norland, The School of Homeopathy, UK

” ‘The higher we climb the wider we see’. I find this a very accurate sentence for what this book is going to give you and that is a higher view on the periodic table, noble gases, Helium and human existence, including soul incarnation and DNA formation. A highly recommended book that will make you float, take the leap and land right here for you to fulfill your purpose as a homeopath. I loved the book… funny and heart-warming.” – Vanessa Parrado Lobo, Finland

Jeremy dives enthusiastically into biology, physics and esoterica in his quest to reveal to us what Helium has to tell us about our earliest origins.” – Mary Aspinwall, Spectrum of Homeopathy



ISBN: 978-1908127037
Book Type: Hard back
Pages: 220


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