Neon (The Noble Gases)


Neon takes us one step further in the evolution of the periodic table, unfolding the one dimensional lines of Helium into the second dimension of surface, encapsulating evens and odds, oceans and ovums, skies and spies, bliss and discontent, spirituality and selfishness.

By binding the Neon proving into a meaningful totality this book demonstrates the science and art of converting a homoeopathic proving into Materia Medica. As in any proving, Neon can be studied on many levels, ranging from physical symptoms and affinities to generalities, emotional essences, geometry and spiritual insight. All these facets are investigated and then united into one total understanding. If we learn to weave the thread of symptoms into a meaningful web, we will learn to do the same with our patient’s cases, and to match what is really essential in one to the other.

Any proving holds many secrets hidden within its symptoms, yet the noble gases contain more, as they represent the perfection of the periodic table. Neon shines a bright light on its noble relatives, as well as on its sister remedies from the second and third periods. Many of the themes that we met in Helium find an echo in Neon. Once again we see the noble perfection at its best and worst, contrasting energised alignment between heaven and earth with an impoverished misalignment of being. This book will teach you how to extract meaning from a proving. It will unravel the mysteries of Neon, the Noble gases and the remedies of the second period. Of course you will learn how to prescribe Neon practically as there are many case studies and clinical indications

So dive into its watery secrets and let the mystery unfold. Neon will take you back to the time when all was new and all was now.

Your Neon book is brilliant and definitely sets a standard that hopefully others will follow. It is very readable, informative and importantly memorable.” – Simon Taffler

This is your purest and most distilled work to date, Like clear water, very easy to swim through as a reader…” – Raphael Neu

“Aphorism 20 in Hahnemann’s Organon informs us that a medicine’s curative power can only be known through the experience of its effects on human health. Through his provings of the noble gas series, Jeremy Sherr has potentized Aphorism 20, and given us access to a deeper understanding of the mysteries only available to those who carefully study the inner wesen of medicines. Every homeopath seeking beyond the firmament must heed the knock and read the Neon book!” – Denise Straiges USA

“Reading Neon is like being sat in a classroom with Jeremy, which is always an inspiring and welcoming experience. The differentiation between other remedies in the text gives insights into far more than just Neon, and the book is laid out that one can access the simple information about the remedy well, or choose to get far more value for money and awareness of the world of Neon, and indeed the world around us. One of the things that I find wonderful about the teachings Jeremy gives is the way he draws connections from many and varied points of view, philosophical sources and medical paradigms and the book, indeed this series of books, are all the richer for it.” – Em Colley MARH RHom Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy BSc(Hons) Psychology and Neuroscience



Series: The Noble Gases
Book Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Saltire Books (January 31, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1908127074
ISBN-13: 978-1908127075
Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds


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