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Materia Medica Video Tutorials – Adamas


Adamas is the first in a series of materia medica videos compiled by internationally-renowned homeopath and remedy prover Jeremy Sherr.

Featuring 1.5 hours of professionally-collated footage provided in 3 easy to watch sections, each dynamic video provides a comprehensive remedy picture through a wealth of contextual information, proving symptoms and patients’ cases. Thanks to the lively format and inspiring presentation, both students and practitioners of homeopathy are able to deeply understand each remedy in a way that is rarely possible through other media.

Once you see these videos you will know how to prescribe these remedies with confidence. Jeremy Sherr’s dynamic videos take materia medica learning into a new age.

Once we prove a remedy, it is our duty to convert this proving into usable Materia medica. These videos do just that, they take a raw proving and turn it into a usable remedy.” – Jeremy Sherr

Review by Julian Reekie, The Homeopath – Number 71, Autumn 1998:

…These three videos are excellent! A tremendous addition to our materia medica study and video is such an accessible format! It doesn’t feel like work to sit through one and a half hours. I am however very glad that Jeremy gives us his understanding of these three remedies. When I read the proving now I have the understanding with which to make sense of the whole. Those of us familiar with Jeremy’s style will not be disappointed! He is funny, irreverent, haughty and helpful in equal measure! If you have not experienced him live before you are in for a treat. These videos will tempt you to study further with him! Yet each video stands alone too. We join each remedy as it is being taught in a classroom situation. This at first feels amateurish as we might expect it to be Jeremy and the camera. I think it works well because we can feel part of a tutorial and if you really let yourself go you will be shouting out along with the class and feeling excellent when you are right! With each video there is a strong sense that on each subsequent viewing more will be gained. You will also get into the nuances of the remedy. I noticed in Germanium that Jeremy starts by telling us what a miserable proving it was! No-one could communicate with anyone else during it, yet this video is the one with the most class interaction and communication! There is wonderful footage of the original substances, especially the diamond and scorpion. Germanium contains lots of useful information about the elements and carbon themes, especially for a non-scientist. We are told that we probably see one Germanium patient a week and without realising it if we don’t know the remedy! If you get the video you will cure that patient which will in turn recover the outlay for the videos!

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Online video tutorial in 3 sections
1.5hrs running time

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