Loranthus acaciae (Plicosepalus acacia)


Loranthus acaciae
(Plicosepalus acacia)

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The inspiration for this proving cameto Elia Onne in the spring of 2008. “I was accompanying a friend who was hiking the entire Israel Trail (A 970 Km hiking trail, stretching from the northern tip of Israel right to the most southern tip). I joined her for the walk of the southern part – The Negev desert. This is an arid land, very dry, remote and sparsely populated. One of the trees that can survive in the Negev Desert is the Acaciae tree. At a certain point I noticed a strange phenomenon: On
many Acaciae trees, in complete contrast to their economical nature (small marrow leaves, one of mother’s nature devices designed to minimize loss of humidity) another climbing plant could be observed attached to it. This one was luxuriously displaying thick fleshy leaves (full of water) and flamboyant large red attractive flowers. It was thickly spread over the frugal and modest Acaciae, its aggressive fleshy shoots digging deep into the Acaciae trunk and branches. Some sections of the Acaciae trees were dried out and dead; some trees were entirely dried out and dead. This distressing sight accompanied my
journey for days and I could not but think of the homeopathic implications it might have, regarding Similia Similibus
Curantur…… ”

Written and collated by Elia Onne and Michal Yakir



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