Jeremy's Secrets to Success in Homeopathy
Jeremy's Simple Strategies for Success in Homeopathy
Case Studies
with Jeremy Sherr
Provings as Useable Materia Medica



Jeremy Sherr is a source of knowledge that one may only come across at one time for you, so go for it now!” – Virginia August

Great course delivery with easy to use technology.” – Angelika Metzger

It is a really good course that fits well homeopaths that have some years of experience, and wish to perfect their prescribing abilities and qualities. I feel after going through the course it was worth putting the time and effort to learn from Jeremy Sherr, and as he promised in the beginning- it elevated the results in a few more precious percentages of success – which means more healthy patients.” – Nir Brosh

Jeremy Sherr’s logical and methodical approach to homeopathic analysis is critical to cutting through the confusion successful prescribing.” – Julee Stanley

Jeremy’s course is built upon a deep appreciation of Hahnemannian principles and he shows us how to apply these in the real-life setting of the clinic/consultation room. He answers many of the questions I have struggled with about how to bridge philosophy with practice. When they come together beautifully like this, homeopathy is so exciting.” – Haruna Ito

I loved every minute of it. With many thanks.” – Bronwyn Marks

“Jeremy Sherr offers practical, instantly usable material in this course. ” – Judith Hanna Doshi

I would unreservedly recommend Jeremy Sherr’s online Simple Strategies for Success to any homeopath. The clarity and depth of knowledge is exceptional and can be applied to improve one’s success rate. Thank you to Shilpa for making this course available to us in Australia!” – Prakash Snare

Modern concepts applied to Traditional Homoeopathy” – Bernhard Nagel

Just a fantastic course and was well worth it.” – Lola Robins

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