Simple Strategies for Success in Homoeopathy

Jeremy Sherr’s Step by Step Blueprint To Improve Your Homeopathic Success Rate

This 3 month online course brings together Jeremy’s highly effective practical gems from his Dynamic School training and his own extensive clinical experience over the last 37 years to give you a step by step template for replicating his incredible success.

What will you get from this course

  • Jeremy’s blueprint for Case Management that you can use immediately in your patients.

  • Repertoire of successful Analysis tools to ensure you never miss out on a successful prescription

  • Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Principles to boost your homeopathic analysis

  • Learn the circle of four elements to boost your remedy understanding … and more!


We warmly welcome all homeopathic students and practitioners to register for this online course –


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This course will help you take your Homeopathic skills to the next level, both in understanding and in practice. Tap in to Jeremy’s years of experience and training to unleash his secrets and techniques to build on your own.

This course has been designed to give you as much participation as you want to have, offering personalised coaching and discussion through a forum in the membership area. It aims to inspire like-minded practitioners to come together and learn from the Master of Repertorisation, the science and art of Repertorisation Techniques in homeopathy.

One of the best homeopathic learning I’ve had in years. Only wish I’d had this sort of study practice years ago. It’s well worth the commitment. I have more confidence in myself, my prescribing and have seen the results from both those things in my practice already.      – Dennis Cawthorn New Zealand.

Jeremy is so confident that you will gain valuable insights and succeed from this effective and interactive course, that he even offers a money back guarantee… So – what have you got to lose?

This is a 3 month online course where Jeremy goes through his step by step blueprint to improve your Homeopathic success rate.

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(You will be redirected to the Yescourse website)

Jeremy Sherr’s Materia Medica Video Tutorials

Adamas Video Tutorial
Adamas Video Tutorial
Androctonus Video Tutorial
Germanium Video Tutorial
Neon Video Tutorial

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