Jeremy Sherr’s Case Solving Blueprint Course Outline

Module 1 Case Solving Blueprint
Unit 1 Session 1 - Case Study - Eliciting what needs to be treated.

The course is divided into 5 sessions.
As soon as you register, you will immediately receive your first session through an email link.

When you press on the email link, you will enter a Special Course Membership Area where you can watch the video sessions. You can ask me questions and discuss your learning with me and other members. You will be a part of like-minded online community.

So sit back and enjoy this ride as I take you through your own Homeopathic Journey – all from the comfort of your own homes and clinics. You can always watch these sessions again and again at your own time and pace throughout the duration of the course. The course outcome in every session.

Each session will focus on one component of the case.

Session 1 – Case Study – Eliciting what needs to be treated.

Session 2 – Introduction and Case Taking.

Session 3 – PreAnalysis

Session 4 – Analysis and Synthesis

Session 5 – Repertorization, Materia Medica Differentiation and First Prescription.

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