Graduate Testimonials

"Jeremy potentised both me as a person and my practice; such a clear, well structured approach delivered with so much wit and insight - it was a real privilege and a joy to be part of this course."
Sophia Knock
"Wherever you are in your homeopathic journey, once you study with Jeremy you will operate at a much higher frequency. It is inspiring and enthusing and NOT TO BE MISSED."
Naomi Jones
"It would be no exaggeration to say that studying with Jeremy changed the direction of my work and life. I am eternally grateful and would recommend anyone takes the opportunity to study with him when it presents itself to them."
Em Colley
RSHom, BSc(Hons), CEASE Therapist, Dip (SNHS) Kinesiology, Dip (SNHS) Holistic Nutrition
"Dynamis offers a unique perspective on homoeopathy which is at once philosophically satisfying and well grounded in its practical benefits. I would urge anyone who is serious about developing and continuing to grow in their homoeopathy to make doing this course a priority."
Rob Bannan
"Dynamis School has not only increased our insight into Homoeopathy to unexpected depths, it has changed and broadened our perception of the universe and of human existence."
Anne-Grete Stowere
"Not to be missed!"
Simon Taffler
"This course is vital to the serious homoeopath who is looking for both inspiration and better results. I could repeat the whole course and learn even more."
Elaine Walker
"This course was just what I needed after completeing a college course and beginning a practice. It was a mixture of inspiration, pragmatism, of flying skyward and coming back to earth. There was always a good spirirt of co-operation playing to and developing everybody's strengths for the good of the whole group. The atmosphere was good humoured, the teaching rigorous but relaxed."
Christine Mullum
"The friendly atmosphere makes the process enjoyable and fruitful."
Ann Wilson
"Jeremy consistently innovates on the central themes of homeopathy communicating his fresh insights with generosity, clarity and a maturity born of deep reflection."
Bob Fordham
MSc Dip Hom (Homeopathy) PGDip (Coaching)
"I have been in practice for 18 years, and it was so inspirational, exciting and profound to be part of such a dynamic process. Jeremy is such a wise and fun teacher."
Dawn Mills
"Best course in the universe."
Stig Ulvad

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