Follow Jeremy step by step as he goes through his simple strategy and shares his own case solving process with you.

This FREE 10 day online course is based on a student’s case. It will help you to learn and apply Jeremy’s highly effective system to solve your own homeopathic cases.

What will you get from this course

  • Master the fundamentals of Case Management Process from Case Taking to Making your First Prescription.

  • Improve your Case Taking

  • Gain Confidence in Case Analysis.

  • Discover Key Secrets to Successful Repertorization

  • Gain Insight into Materia Medica and Remedy Differentiation.


We warmly welcome all homeopathic students and practitioners to register for this online course – it’s free!


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This course will help you understand Jeremy’s simple yet highly effective system for solving any homeopathic case.
This course is eligible for all homeopathic students and practitioners.

This course was created in an interesting way. We had invited Homeopathic practitioners in Shilpa’s Homeopathy Network to post their frustrating and difficult cases for me to mentor and guide into. I chose one of those cases and created a series of sessions to demonstrate how I would personally solve that case. So in every session I go through a simplified step by step strategy to demonstrate my own case solving process clearly. Looking back I realised that this case brings together all my knowledge, wisdom and experience alive through the last 30 years in Homeopathic case solving process. And I found myself sharing some really simple and highly useful strategies for success in homeopathic cases that could be used in just about any homeopathic case. So personally it was an amazing journey and I hope it helps you in your own journey and enriches your own homeopathic case management.

This is a FREE 10 day online course where Jeremy goes through a simplified step by step strategy to demonstrate his own case solving process through a student’s case.

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(You will be redirected to the Yescourse website)

Jeremy Sherr’s Materia Medica Video Tutorials

Adamas Video Tutorial
Adamas Video Tutorial
Androctonus Video Tutorial
Germanium Video Tutorial
Neon Video Tutorial

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