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An Interview with Em Colley, Dynamis graduate (Xenon prover)

Em Colley | RSHom, BSc(Hons), CEASE Therapist, Dip (SNHS) Kinesiology, Dip (SNHS) Holistic Nutrition

“The race, above, was a triathlon – my first as a raw vegan, and possibly my third as a fundraiser for HHA. I loved it, danced around trees and sang around the bike route – and even overtook the swimmers in my swim section. I am not very competitive and was more out to enjoy myself and smile my way through it. I’ve also swam the Great North Swim (a mile and two miles in Windermere) and done a Santa Fun Run with my daughter to raise money for HHA. My daughter did a readathon and raised £300 herself, totally off her own initiative. I returned from a meeting in London to find she’d created the sponsor form, got photos of the project and designed it herself.

HHA inspires me all the time. From the first time I heard Jeremy talk I think I knew I was going to do Dynamis. That was around 2003. I knew the time wasn’t quite right and it was in 2011 I started studying with him. The time was absolutely right and it was one of the most lifechanging decisions I made. It opened up my prescribing, my spiritual awareness and all, quite frankly just made sense to me. Not that I knew it all, far from it, but it resonated with something deep inside me, something that has a greater knowing, my internal wisdom. Something bigger than just ‘me’. So to HHA. When I heard Jeremy in York talk on epidemics in 2010 I felt incredibly moved by the project. I’ve always had a draw to Africa. I’ve loved homeopathy since I was 14, and the project combines the two – what is there not to love? The changes they’re making to individual’s lives is so huge and perhaps the ripples from this aren’t fully understood as yet even in the homeopathic community. How can they be until we’re all donating a small amount monthly (or a large amount if you like!)? I give $15 a month, as well as time to helping fundraise. I figure it’s a posh coffee here and there, or a green juice, and they’ll probably make it stretch further than me!

#hh was an idea I had after I was at the SoH conference in 2013 and felt so inspired by the work 4H were doing, I wondered if there was more they could do with their twitter account, and approached them to ask if ‘someone’ might be interested in an hour devoted to homeopathy (the clue is in the name!). I never thought ‘someone’ might be me but here we are, nearly a year in. #hh has had guest tweeters from Ireland, the states, the UK and we’ve more lined up for April and beyond. We have themed topics and regularly have 20 to 30 people join in on the weekly sessions. I was asked if I’d like to manage the @HomeopathyWFM twitter account so I tweet from there as well as from my own account. I do remember being at Dynamis in Stroud when Mary Aspinwall sent a message to many homeopaths on twitter suggesting that for 5 minutes a day they pop onto twitter and retweet positive homeopathy tweets. That has stuck with me as a great aim. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, sharing positive information that’s already out there is a brilliant way to spread the word about the benefits of homeopathy.

It was the lovely Dynamis grad, Noam Bar, who was helping run the Homeopathy Worked for Me facebook page who asked if I was posting on twitter that I could cross post on facebook too perhaps. The two are quite different forums so I do generally put a slightly different slant on the two, but it was back in December 2013 I started with both twitter and facebook. They’ve both grown beautifully in terms of fans and followers and we’ve around 103,000 people like the facebook page now.

HAT asked whether I’d be interested to join them on their trustee team and having fundraised through them for some time, working with Simon and Noam on the facebook page, I liked their energy and came on board the team there. It’s a small and very passionate charity with some great things happening at the moment. I currently represent HAT at the 4Homeopathy group and is wonderful to be working with the organisations sat together helping homeopathy move forwards from strength to strength.

I suppose I’m inspired by the potential of homeopathy all the time. I think we can share it really positively via social media. It’s perhaps harder to get homeopathy into the mainstream press but so many people are on social media all the time – do we really need to worry about that? Skeptics are sharing their truth and I’m fine with that. Their truth may be that homeopathy can’t, doesn’t work. My truth is that it does, I don’t need to fight that or confront it, I just speak my truth with clarity. So I love to blog, love to tweet and facebook positive accounts of homeopathy, positive news and people’s experiences. It’s about bringing information to the masses. Then they can decide. For me it’s not that everyone must use homeopathy but at least make an informed decision when you know the options. So many people may not realise it’s a valid option, so I see my role as one of educator to some extent.

I think the biggest take away from Dynamis is difficult to answer. It was such a holistic experience. Without dynamis I feel fairly sure I wouldn’t be doing all the things I am today. Pre dynamis I was supporting myself with a home help job as well as my homeopathy work (they got sick of me taking studying leave and school holidays in the end!) and now I am supporting myself and my daughter through my practice and the other homeopathy inspired work I do as the sole earner in the household. The friendships, the connections with other dynamic, pro-homeopathy, deep thinkers. The network of ex dynamis students – you don’t need to be in a conference for more than a few minutes before you hear ‘I’m a cryptococcus’, ‘I’m a dama dama’ or the like. Jeremy’s connections between homeopathy and the rest of the world are like nothing I’ve ever heard before and are very responsible for much thinking. His way of teaching, humility and shocking jokes. Really though the whole thing. I really wouldn’t be where I am without it in terms of confidence, connections and collaberative working.

I felt at home in my group. It was a group of beautiful beings and many of us are closely in touch, real true bonds were made that I am more than sure will last a homeopathic lifetime and beyond. The proving was another bonding experience and so valuable. Before it I’d always been reticent to prove something but by the time we’d been together a year I was raring to go. I remember meeting one of the group on our first day and she said this was ‘her last shot at homeopathy’. If it didn’t go well that week she was packing it all in. Needless to say she finished the course and goes on to be an absolute inspiration to me. She’s one of the most skilled, knowledgable, wisest people I know and thank goodness for homeopathy Jeremy was there at the right time.

I love homeopathy. My practice is getting busier all the time and I offer appointments from home, a multidisciplinary clinic and by skype. I fit work around being a single parent and may often see clients over 5 working days. I’m currently training to offer supervision and work with mindfulness also, with clients which I find fits in well alongside homeopathy at times. Homeopathy is my big passion and the joy of finding a remedy that matches that client’s state, where they are in this moment, and seeing the changes that can unfold following a well prescribed remedy. Well, nothing quite compares to that. I’ve not found anything that has the potential homeopathy has and I’m so grateful I found homeopathy, and Dynamis, when I did.” 

Em Colley

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