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The Dynamis Professional Remedy Kit

Dynamis News: The Dynamis Professional Remedy Kit - as designed by yours truly!

"For many years I wanted a travelling kit that had all the remedies I needed when on the move. But I couldn’t find a kit that fitted my needs. Most first aid kits only have 30-40 remedies - handy for First Aid, but not enough for a pro. Other kits had more remedies, but were just too big to carry.  I didn’t want large heavy bottles filled with lots of globules - just a couple of small pellets will do in a pinch. So I set about designing a kit that would have all the remedies a professional homeopath needs on the road. A kit that would be light, fit in my travel bag, give easy access to the remedies and look good." - Jeremy Sherr

An Indispensable Professional Homeopathic Kit - 190 remedies at 200c. 
For more information please contact Liz on liz@dynamis.edu 

Dynamis Remedy Kit 1
Dynamis Kit 1
Dynamis Remedy Kit 2
Dynamis Kit 2
Dynamis Kit 3

Dynamis Remedy Kits 1, 2 & 3 

Compact and portable Dynamis Homeopathic Kits - 10 remedies at 30c and 200c.
For more information please contact Liz on liz@dynamis.edu

Please note: These kits cannot be posted to UK addresses due to MHRA regulations.
For further information please contact us or call Liz on  +44 (0) 1905 828272

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